Long-Haul and Regional Trucking

We host a large fleet of trucks that provide regional and long haul direct delivery services. We construct a shipping plan that safely and cost-effectively transports your freight as quickly as possible by considering all factors that may affect your shipment from origin to destination. We offer the necessary security, planning and execution needed for transporting your goods.


Our dedicated fleet is tailored to meet our client’s specialized logistics needs. GRT provides cost-efficient transportation solutions by providing exclusive equipment, drivers, and management teams.


GRT offers expedited services when timing is critical. Our expedited shipments are handled by means of Team Drivers or Relay Service. Our experienced Team fleet is able to provide on time service at your demand.


GRT provides customized solutions in truck brokerage, warehousing, and supply chain management. We ensure the direct flow of goods from the point-of-origin to the final destination with a minimum of interruption and delay.

Border Crossing

Crossing the border (Laredo, Texas) with GRT will allow for a real door-to-door experience. We give our customers the security to track their shipments from the point of origin to the final destination. GRT is commited to delivering quality transportation services by truly providing the complete package.